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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Are you willing to give up your fries?

I have been a step dad for 9 1/2 years now (8 1/2 years officially) and a dad for almost 6 years. (Just for the record, no, there is no inherent difference.) Over the years, I have thought about what it means to be a dad.

Let's face it, as a dad, you will be confronted with many things, sometimes things that would normally disgust you, dirty diapers, spit-up, vomit. Then there is the lost sleep, the many hours of worry when they are sick, the fact that your responsability does not disappear when you are sick.

I have decided there are some tests to see if you are ready to be a dad or not? Don't worry if you are not sure of your answers right now.

Will you change dirty diapers?

This first test is the most basic. Will you change the dirty diapers. I have known some fathers who wouldn't, or couldn't do this. This is not just the "I don't know how," but the "I'm getting sick," situation. If you don't know how, learn. If you think you will be sick, I'm sorry, but this is part of the responsability of being a dad.

How will you react to being thrown up on?

As a dad, you will have children throw up in bed, in the bathroom (in sinks, in toilets, and/or on the floor), around you, and on you.

My little boy had been sick for a few days, but was starting to get better. Now remember, when a infant is "starting to get better" means that are not projectile vomiting as much, but some can still happen. I had just had a 16 hour day at work. I get home, and my little boy wants me to hold him, so I pick him up. He lays his head on my shoulder, and proceeds to throw-up all over my neck, shoulder, and chest, with a lot down the shirt for good measure.

What do you do in this situation? You keep calm. Remember, the little one is more scared and upset than you can ever be. I asked my wife to get some bath water ready, while I held the boy and tried to console him. As soon as there was water in the tub, he went in to get cleaned up first, and the shirt came off for a good rinsing then washing. After he was cleaned, I could then get cleaned up.

(as a side note; the shirt did not survive the ordeal)

Finally, here is one just recently, which prompted my writing this.

Are you willing to give up your fries?

My wife and I decided to get food for me and our boy from Wendy's, we called the girls and they wanted Arby's, which was just down the street. Since our son likes Arby's curly fries, we decided to skip the fries for him at Wendy's. So, once we have our food and are on the way to Arby's, we give him his nuggets, and he starts asking "please?" This means he wants some fries also. We tell him we are going to get him curly fries. Once we are finished at Arby's, we give him some curly fries. His pushes the curly fries away, and starts asking "please" again. This is no ordinary please, but like "help please' as said by Leeloo from the 5th Element. After a little of this, I reach into the bag, get my fries, and hand them to him.

This is what a dad does, he gives up his fries to his children.

Good luck to all of you fathers out there.


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