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Sunday, September 17, 2006

That rat bastard Wil Wheaton

Have you ever wanted to write? Not a shopping list, or a letter to a friend, but really wanted to write, something like your life story or at least the moments of your life?

Have you ever sat with those ideas rolling around trying to think of the right words? The words that can take all of the thoughts and feelings and put them on paper.

Every now and then I get the urge to write about my life, not all of it, but the moments of it. Growing up. Getting married to a wonderful woman. Having two step-children. The really big things in life.

Then, while you are still thinking about the writing, have you found that someone else has already written something just like it? Not the same words, because that would just be deja-vu, but written far better than you ever could. So much better, that if you ever took what you could write, and put it next to theirs, it would look like the work of someone to whom English is a fourth or fifth language, next to the work of a literary genius.

Sometimes, I have feelings like that. I get those when I read the site of Wil Wheaton. You know, that kid who was in Star Trek? No, the other one. OK, let's get this right. Remember the Star Trek from the late 80's-early 90's... the one with the ship that looked like a slug with wings? Yeah, that one, with the really “snazzy” unitard uniforms. Now think for a moment... the kid... yeah the doctor's son. Way nerdy, to the point that all other nerds, which was like 90% of the shows fans at the time, either wanted to be that kid, or wanted to be there instead of him.

Well, seems like this guy is more than just an actor, he has a real life, and he writes. Now, this schmuck goes off and starts writing about his life, his growing up, not just the actor part of it, and about his wife, and his two step-children, and all of that. That rat bastard is stealing all of my good stories, and writing them better than I ever could!

Well, I guess you can go over there and just replace his name with mine on about 80% of the stuff he writes and get my life story. Damn it!


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