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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Milla Jovovich Clone Army

Think of it, thousands of Milla Jovoviches... Jovivich's... Jovovii... well, however you would spell it. We need a Milla Jovovich Clone Army!

Well, not an army, per se, but rather just thousands of Milla Jovovich. I know, everyone fears those apocalyptic words "Ladies & Gentlemen: The John Tesh Philharmonic Orchestra!" However dangerous that future may be, we should still stay the course and continue the necessary research on human cloning so one day we could see thousands of Milla Jovovich. Worried that there isn't enough time for her to do more movies? That's OK, just have another clone made to help with that. More music? That's fine. Need more modeling and another fashion designer? Got it covered.

Face it folks, many countries should be putting in large parts of their budgets just for this research. We need to see Milla Cloning a reality in the near future. Or at least, we need to begin a large store-house of Milla DNA for future generations. Which brings me to another issue; why is the government not giving that lady large sums of money to have children? Her DNA has to, no, NEEDS to be carried on. Why do we have so many former frat boys and big breasted former cheerleaders having children left and right and not beautiful, and highly talented, people like Milla? Why is she, so far, childless?

There are issue to be overcome. They are:

1) We must improve the somatic cell nuclear transfer process to improve chances of survival, or to find a viable alternative method of cloning.

2) We must overcome the issues of premature aging. This will require futher study of telomeres in human DNA and if those are part of the body's aging mechanism. Even if they are not a part of aging itself, research into them may help find out ways of resetting the DNA "clock" for clones, providing them with standard human life spans.

3) We must work on education and training systems for clones. It would be a sad state, to see a clone of someone as talented as Milla, go to waste never realising her potential, because she had never received the encouragement and training necessary. We can help begin this work today, by funding alternative educational systems. This can include resources for home schoolers, art and music education for public schools, and replacing "traditional" athletic programs with martial arts, meditation, and other fitness programs that focus on overall health, rather than raw strength.

We must begin work today, to make a better tomorrow. With, or without (cry) a Milla Jovovich Clone Army.


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