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Monday, August 14, 2006

Leigh Nash Kicks Ass

Though this photo isn't real, it does show what Leigh Nash's new Album, Blue on Blue can do.

Well, Leigh Nash's new album Blue on Blue is out now, and it just kicks so much ass. Since I can't help but carry on about it, I will just indulge myself. I debated whether or not to give a song-by-song discussion of the album, and I have decided to do just that.

Her album starts off with the beautiful Along the Wall. Wonderful lyrics and smooth sound make this a great first song for the album.

Next up is Nervous in the Light of Dawn. Let me say, that I believe that this is the best song on the album. No, no, don't argue, you don't know what you are talking about, THIS IS THE BEST SONG ON THIS ALBUM, HANDS DOWN. I love the music and how it intertwines so well with the lyrics.

I think I am burned out on My Idea of Heaven because I tried to make a remix for it. Let me warn you, my remix is really bad. It can cause headaches, and I believe that after a long enough time, it can induce nausea and vomiting. I don't get to enjoy this song as much as I should, but it is still good.

Ocean Size Love is a sweet song that is easy to listen to. It may not be my favorite, but I could still listen to it for a while and not get tired of it.

Next up is Never Finish. In a way, this was the song I was most anticipating. I had heard part of it on the Electronic Press Kit and the chorus is just amazing with the way the Leigh's voice wraps around the words. The full song does not let down.

I like the actual lyrics for Between the Lines. I like the way it compares to words on a page, and relates that to the spaces in our lives. Such as “Between hello and I would give you the moon.” Just wonderful writing there. I like how the music does not detract from the lyrics and the way Leigh sings them. Another well done.

We now are at the more upbeat, in tempo, More of It. I like the song, and it is great, but it just pales in comparison to the rest of the album. Saying that is kinda like saying what artwork in the Louvre is your least favorite. It is still amazing, just no where near as good as the rest of the stuff.

The cynical side of me wants to dislike Angel Tonight. The romantic side of my tells the cynical side to just shut its pie-hole and enjoy the song. It's sweet, upbeat, and I feel I need an insulin shot every time I listen to it. But like really good sweets, I keep coming back.

Blue hits me like a ton of bricks, especially after the lighter fare of MOI and AT just before it. It is kinda like going to take another bite of pudding, and finding out, too late, that you got a spoonful of Goulash instead. Good stuff, but VERY DIFFERENT.

Then, like a Star Fleet Battles ship pulling a HET, we are back to the softer, lighter side, with Cloud Nine. Yeah, I know, somewhere on the order of 2 people are going to get that reference. Just to explain, a HET is a High Energy Turn, or something like a high-speed turn in starship combat. The only problem is, performing a HET is like asking for momentum to have its way with your ship. The ship might turn and stop on a dime, but all of the stuff inside, including the crew, still wants to go in the old direction.

And then we are back to the soft melodies of Just a Little. What a beautiful way to end out the album.

I don't know if the Nettwerk Workshop store will still be selling the album when you read this, but you should be able to get it at most on-line retailers, if not some local music stores.

Well, I'm sitting here listening to Nervous... some more, and I have to say, it is hauntingly beautiful. Album's. Best. Song.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Windows Genuine Advantage goodness

Well, I have decided to remove the names of both the innocent and the stupid.

I work for a company that provides network and server support. Recently, a small family-owned business hired us to be their tech support when their tech guy (one of the brothers) was leaving for another job. He had ended up being their tech guy because he was the most computer literate of the family. Now, he wasn't bad at it, and, most importantly, he knew his limitations. So instead of building beige-boxes, they ordered just about all of their machines direct from Name Brand Company. They had a few beige-boxes, but those were slower machines used in non-critical locations, and came with their own OSes and everything.

One of the computers bought directly from Name Brand Company, did an update, received WGA from Microsoft, and began to nag that it wasn't a genuine copy of XP Professional. Only problem is, the OS on it is the actual version that came with it from Name Brand Company. It had never been off to repair, either at Name Brand Company or some other company, nor had it's OS been reloaded. So, the guy there calls Microsoft, waits on hold, gets the run-around and, as I was informed by the person whom this is their computer, he got frustrated, cursed and slammed down the phone after waiting for hours.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and now I am their support guy. I decide to do an end-run and contact Name Brand Company. My thought is this is originally a Name Brand Company machine, they should be willing to help on this. Even though the machine is out of warranty, this is not a warranty thing, but rather a contract issue. When the business had purchased the machine from Name Brand Company, there was the understanding that all software that came with it was a valid, licensed copy, and if for some reason it was not, then it is Name Brand Company's responsibility, even if the warranty has run out.

I sit with Name Brand Company on the phone for a while, and finally talk with someone who kinda knows what they are doing. They did give me a work-around, they told me to turn off notification! Yep, that's it, don't worry about WGA saying that the copy is not genuine, just turn off the notification about it. I double-checked with them on this, and they said that is what they are advising their customers to do. Then they go on to tell me the best little bit that I just love. They said that people at their factory have been taking pictures of the products keys as they go out and then they are selling those keys. What? But this machine is 5 years old, was that happening then? Yep, it seems that this product key theft from the factory floor has been going on for years, but only has been brought to light with WGA. Their advice was, if I really wanted to take this further, to contact Microsoft on the matter.

I just love this.